Freshen Up Your Landscape

75 percent of American homeowners spend time or money – or both – tending to their lawns. While It’s easy to get caught up in decor projects — sometimes at the expense of your home’s exterior – landscaping and other outside updates don’t have to be a hassle. 

At Summit Landscape Group, we provide simple and affordable services intended to freshen up your residential or commercial property. So instead of undergoing an extreme makeover that you may not be able to afford just yet, simply prioritize by refining a few areas. This effort can not only reduce your time and money, but it can make a huge difference in the look of your residential or commercial landscape! Here’s just a few areas that tend to need a little update now and then…

  • Worn down or tired walkways: Often times the first thing guests and customers notice are the entry and walkways. Not only should pathways look beautiful and inviting they should also be safe. The last thing you need is for someone to trip and fall. Repairing or replacing any pavers should be a priority.
  • Overgrown weeds: Weeds can quickly grow and take over your property in the luscious, Southern environment. Unattractive weeds are easily noticed by guests and spoil your curb appeal, they can also choke out the flowers and take over plant beds. A weed clean out is an easy way to fresh up your property, keep the other plants strong and attractive with a maintenance plan to keep the weeds in check.
  • Overgrown plants: Regular pruning gives your trees and plants that polished look, giving guests and customers the message that details are important to you. Shrubs and trees that intrude onto outdoor spaces, patios and walkways can be a safety issue. A comprehensive maintenance plan is an easy way to ensure extended tree limbs or an encroaching shrub doesn’t become a safety risk.
  • Beautiful Grass: South Carolina’s weather can easily stress out grass of all varieties. Your turf acts like a canvas for your property. Whether it’s suffering from weeds, disease or just needs fertilizing, the solution can be easy.
  • Design Facelift: All landscaping needs updating once in a while with a modern focal point to keep the property attractive. Do the pathway welcome visitors and customers along with an appealing and safe path? If not, a new design plan can help.

If your property could use a facelift, contact Summit Landscape Group today. During our free consultation, we will review your property and go over any areas that may need enhancements to make an instant impact and improvement on the appearance of your landscape.